Cambre House

In 1867, Adolphe Cambre, a cabinet maker, built the Cambre House on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. The house was home to Adolphe, Hortense and their large family as they raised several children in the house. Unfortunately, of their 10 children only 4 lived to adulthood. The house is unique because of its “Door to Nowhere” and basement, which was unusual at this time. All five houses Adolphe built in the area had a door that opened on the upper floor for ventilation purposes and moving furniture in and out.

The land itself has a unique history. There are at least two confirmed Indian Mounds and a warm, natural mineral spring known as “Morman Springs”. The original stagecoach route also went through the middle of the property, which contained a large apple orchard.

Only two families have owned this historic house; four generations of Cambres from 1867 to 1979 and the current family from 1979 to present. 

People who have been fortunate to visit this location have experienced a variety of paranormal activity. Everything from a mischievous child and Native American spirits to shadow figures and doors opening and closing.

Although spirits are present at the Cambre House and Farm, it’s believed they love having company and enjoy entertaining their guests. If you’re in the area come by and stay the night and be one of their special guests.

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