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Ginger’s Place: The Haunted Bar of Jacksonville Beach, Florida

In Jacksonville Beach, Florida there is a landmark location right next to the beach that was opened in 1977. At first glance, Ginger’s Place appears to be a chill place to get a couple of cheap beers and hang out with friends. However, if one looks past the cigarette smoke and high energy fun they may notice something otherworldly.

The woman whom the bar is named after is also its first owner. Ginger Payson was a vaudeville burlesque dancer, performed in an underwater mermaid show under the name Tiza, the Girl in the Goldfish Bowl. Yes, Ginger was a unique lady and her zesty energy was put into the bar that she opened with her husband Ziggy. Ginger, loved her bar and all the people in it. So much so, that when she passed away at age 79 in 2003, she decided she wanted to spend her afterlife in her establishment.

Her daughter then took over ownership and it didn’t take longer for her to notice that things were not as they seemed. Shortly after Ginger passed away patrons and employees began reporting incidents of someone or something tapping or brushing up against them, but of course they could not discover the source of this sensation. That’s not all, the blue Miller Light signs that hangs above the bar has been known to randomly become airborne. Not to mention the very important tip jar that’s been known to fall without visible cause.

Are these events caused by Ginger Payson having a bit of fun with her customers and staff? Her family believes she still active in managing the bar but Ginger is not the only one living the spirit life in her bar. The ghost of an older man haunts the bar after he died while working the jukebox. Maybe he’s still waiting for his song to be played?

The Jacksonville Beach area has a lot of great and tragic history. It is reported that Ginger’s Place is also haunted by those who did not die in the bar. The poor, lost spirits of Shrimpers whom have drowned or washed up on shore near the bar are also reported to be lingering there. Perhaps they’re attached to the lively and happy atmosphere of Ginger’s Place.

It must be noted, that the fine spirits that call Ginger’s Place home are a friendly bunch. No negative or malicious spirits have been reported. As for Ginger’s remaining family, they do have one request of all the patrons that enter Ginger’s Place. Please, raise your glass in honor of Ginger Payson. It is a sign of great respect that I am sure she appreciates.

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