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The Horsefly Chronicles: A residential haunting, Easton Pennsylvania

We have all seen that horror film where the family moves into a new home, excited for a fresh start in their lives. Shortly after the family gets settled in, strange events would begin to occur. In the beginning it’s just little things; items go missing and then reappear again in an odd location. Maybe the main hero would see a shadow out of the corner of their eye. Then the paranormal events seem to escalate into full bodied apparitions and disembodied voices. Finally, at the climax of the film the hero’s three year daughter is possessed by The Prince of Darkness Himself. Of course, this is an exaggerated display of events, but families across the globe find themselves in paranormal warfare that they could have never imagined.

Enter, Mr. Philip of Easton, Pennsylvania and his quaint home he bought in June of 2010 to raise his family. As Philip completed his initial walk through with its former owners he noted something odd about the home from the start. Philip noticed as he spoke with the sellers of the home, they both seemed not to eager to get rid of the house and refused to look him in the eye.

Even after the sale was complete, Philip attempted to contact the previous owners and for reasons unknown, they have not returned his calls to this day. While Philip was checking out the basement, he noted that the energy in that area was off and the lights flickered on and off, with an aura of self-awareness. The unsettling feelings, welling up inside Philip continued on and around the grounds of his new estate. Strong gusts of wind burst through the trees of the property; however it seems that the sudden presence of wind is limited to this one piece of land, as the trees that stand mere feet away from the property lines remain eerily still.

The uneasy energy of the home was able to be ignored for the first six months after the family moved in. The paranormal events made themselves known from Philip’s son’s room in the basement. It started out small, toy dinosaurs disappeared and reappeared randomly. Also, figures of shadow people and mysterious mists frequently moved about the basement. Naturally, the poor kid was scared of the happenings going on in his room. In addition to the issues building up in the basement, the family began to fight and argue over the smallest issues that weren’t an issue in the past. The spiritual oppression that was getting stronger within the home did not just affect the humans living there. Wildlife and birds on the property behaved in an odd manner or just seem to completely avoid the property all together. Is it possible that the land is also inhabited by Elementals?

Philip had a beautiful German Shepard that was equally loved by everyone in the household; with in the first six months after moving into the home, the dog suddenly became very sick and lethargic. When the dog wasn’t sleeping, he was vomiting and not able to keep food down. Philip took his dog to the local veterinarian but they could not find the cause of this mysterious sickness. Even with the use of medication and diet change, unfortunately the family pet died. It is within the realm of possibility that Philip’s dog died due to the effects of some kind of negative paranormal energy the poor animal was being bombarded with.

Philip was finally at his wits end in June 2014, when the family requested the service of a paranormal research team for the first time. This team was able to capture plenty of evidence. Class A EVPs and pictures of orbs and apparitions. One EVP captured in the basement clearly says, “Not leaving.” The paranormal team came to the conclusion that the paranormal activity was demonic in nature. Although, the activity in the home did not dissipate, it did help validate what the family was experiencing. In June 2016, a second paranormal research team came in and they also come to the realization that the happenings in the home are demonic. Since those initial two teams, roughly fifty additional teams have gathered evidence regarding the activity inside the home. All of them have gathered consistent EVPs, photos, and videos.

In the months from August to November of 2015 a Medium visited Philip and his family to see if she could help the family in any way. Also in 2015 a Minister came into the home to attempt to rid the house and land of its demonic presence. Unfortunately, the work of the Minister seemed to make the situation worse. The minister became very sick with nausea, lethargy, and vomiting not unlike the sudden illness that afflicted the family dog. Philip and his family began to experience physical ailments such as random scratches with no knowledge of how or why they came to be. The negative energy engulfed the land in a thick blanket that was ever present. The family continued to feel agitated and uncomfortable in the house. It is interesting to note that when Philip and his family are out everything was fine and the anxiety dissipated.

The house itself was built in 1996 on what use to be farmland. Prior to the land being used as a farm it is rumored the British had a land agreement with the local Native American tribe that they ultimately had broken. Could this broken trust have left a mark on this land? Possibly. What about other natural disasters? Could an earthquake exacerbate supernatural activity? On August 23, 2011 there was a 5.8 M earthquake that struck Virginia at 1:51PM. In the following 12 hours after the earthquake, additional aftershocks of 2.2, 4.2, and 3.4 were reported. Two days later aftershocks of 4.5 in North Virginia, Washington D.C., New England, Georgia, and Illinois were reported; one third of U.S. residents felt these earthquakes. Philip noted that the supernatural activity spiked after these seismic events. Did the power of these earthquakes shift the magnetic field so much that it affected the power of the spiritual warfare happening in Philip’s home?

Among the many unsettling photographs that have been taken in the house and on the grounds, none makes one’s blood run cold as the photo of the Goatman in the basement taken by Philip himself. The Goatman is a mysterious entity that is part man and part goat; Goatman has a deep history in Pennsylvania and shrouding states. Dr. Barry Pearson, folklorist, of the University of Maryland explains that the earliest historical records of Goatman like beings are the Satyrs of Greek mythology in 520, BCE. Legends in relation to Pennsylvania and the neighboring states are a bit more sinister than their Greek mythos counterparts.

One urban legend says scientists of Beltsville Agricultural Research Center began experimenting on goats. A rouge researcher fused the DNA of one into his own system. This madness caused him to change into the Goatman of Beltsville. A reported encounter with the terrifying Goatman in 1977 suggests that the Goatman is not just a creepy being but one that thirsts for blood. The story goes as followed: two couples were in a car on a double date. As they were about to leave their location they heard load scratching going on just outside the car. When the driver turned on the headlights, the couple discovered the Goatman creeping closer to them; with axe in hand. Naturally, the car was tossed into drive and speed off as fast as possible. Is the Goatman a science experiment gone wrong or a mythical being of ancient lore?

Now, with the legend of the Goatman in mind, one might wonder how such an entity ended up being photographed by Philip in his basement. The answer is likely to be more complicated than one may realize. During my research of the land and home, I was able to find his property on Google Maps. As, I looked at the house in Street mode I noticed something unusual. One section of the house appeared to be distorted. I attempted to refresh the page and it continued to reload with the same distorted image.

I moved around the neighborhood in Street Mode and did not find any issues with the satellite images of the rest of the house. I returned to the image of Philip’s home. The image issue was still blurred from the front door and it moved to the right stopping at the second window at the front of the house. I had a theory that the stairs to the basement were just to the right of the front entrance. The perimeter of the basement was just below the front door and ended at the second window to the right. I sent the image to Philip and he confirmed that my theory was correct. Just using the image I was able to determine where the basement was without using any blueprints of the home in my research. The next question is how and why the basement is the source of the activity in the home. I was not able to find any foul play or death attached to the home in my digging through historical archives. I was, however, able to find ley line maps of Pennsylvania and found that ley lines run in all directions throughout the state.

Ley lines, are faults in the Earth’s tectonic plates. Through the cracks in these plates, there are measurable electromagnetic energy. This fact, could explain why the paranormal activity in Philip’s home exacerbated after the earthquake of 2011. It is claimed that some people are so sensitive to the magnetic energy, that they have fallen ill or even blacked out. Now, more research is being conducted to fully understand ley lines and their effects on people and the environment. Paranormal researchers and professional scientists alike have noted that an increase in supernatural and UFO activity seem to occur along ley lines. Still, it is not quite clear has to why.

Despite the lack of evidence of any tragic events occurring in the home, there have been photos of a little boy in the home. Philip found in the attic a high chair appearing to date back to the 1950’s. There is no information about the original owners or any previous owners of the home. Since, I was not able to verify any children living in the home, it is possible that the boy is attached to the high chair and passed away prior to the home itself being built. From this writer’s research it seems that the events that occur in and around the home are a combination of being built on ley lines and a massive earthquake that enhanced the activity. Heartbreak from broken promises of the Native tribes and the British, and the possible presence of Elemental spirits connected to the land has created the perfect paranormal storm.

The basement seems to be a portal and beginning and end of the supernatural energy of this area. This is why a Minister, Mediums, and paranormal experts cannot stop the activity; the portal has not or cannot be closed. Now, in the movies that family either defeats the paranormal super power in their home or they leave. Of course, Philip and his family have done neither. Real life is not as simple as in the movies. Philip has poured a great deal of time and money into his property, his family has learned to build their lives around these paranormal events. Uprooting the family and moving to some other place is not really an option. Beside, who is to say that their next home wouldn’t be just as bad, if not worse than where they are now? This life is beyond what we see and experience right in front of us. There are forces at work that we may not fully understand. That is what Philip wishes to get others to understand: be mindful of the world around and be aware that life is not limited to physical. There are energies at play and they are closer than you realize.

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