January 2020 Horoscope

Astrology Column for January 2020

Happy Birthday, Capricorn:  12/22 – 1/20:  This is a new cycle full of possibilities.  Whatever you have been working on should be completed but don’t start any new long-term projects until you have discovered what this new phase brings.  You have been given the discipline to reflect and understand what this time is for. Competing agendas demand a balance of positive expectation and consideration of the realities.  Clarity comes as a result of hard work and focus. It is worth the effort because you are setting the stage for the long term.  

Aries:  3/21 – 4/20:  Deep healing takes place on a fundamental level because of your history and ancestry so you can get to the cause of your lingering doubts.  You may activate plans and entertainment events to distract yourself from the consequences of your past impulsive and inappropriate behaviors.  You will not be getting the unlimited support for your goals that you are used to so you must figure out how to fill in the gaps yourself.

Taurus:  4/21 – 5/21:  A lighter attitude will allow you to determine what gives you joy and what you value.  Others offer information to help through unexpected aspects of relationships, especially with children in your life who become unmanageable or difficult.  If you don’t become too impatient and impulsive you can explore new experiences with them instead. Keep an open mind and you will be able to see the world in a new way.

Gemini:  5/22 – 6/21: There is a need to communicate at work and in your routines that allow you to take responsibility and teach others how to do the same.  You are seen in a favorable light by those who make decisions about your future. Sometimes you may be too eager to criticize others or speak before you have considered the consequences of your words.  Your health concerns seem to be a passing thing but do take precautions about what is bothersome and pay attention to your diet and activities.

Cancer:  6/22 – 7/22:  Destiny points the way to developing partnerships with those you care most about in the face of existing responsibilities and challenges.  Logic competes with intuitive impulses for your concern is about your most personal relationships. Suspicion or jealousy, manipulation are options available that can cause problems and erode trust between you and your significant other.  Make sure you fully understand the situation and are not acting from a negative emotional place that is clouding your good judgement.

Leo:  7/23 – 8/22:  You take a leadership role in the plans of another although they should be given the opportunity to assist in clarifying and prioritizing what needs doing.  You may not want this responsibility, but you will find that what is asked of you is asked because you are trusted and loved. There is also the expectation that you will deal fairly and creatively.  Deal with your own psychological issues. You are dealing with another’s most important life decisions.

Virgo:  8/23 – 9/23:  Your education about unfamiliar cultures and situations has just begun.  This will change your values and how you see the talents and skills you possess.  You will see that what the situation needs are the skills that only you can provide.  You will be involved in finding justice for others and dealing with those in authority.  You may have to stand up to them to achieve your intended result.

Libra:  9/24 – 10/23:  Diplomacy gives you the advantage in whatever ambitions you intend to pursue.  Decisions must be made, and you can do this if you are diligent and clear about your values.  No matter what your profession, it is likely you will be involved in artistic events or some social event planning.  You can make headway in your professional progress but be careful how you go about it. Taking advantage of someone will backfire.

Scorpio:  10/24 – 11/22: There is an intensity and urgency to implement your plans with those with whom you have been associating.  Things often do not manifest as expected or are delayed in the execution. Be patient and expect to see changes to the plan or to the identities of the associates within the next few months.  Lighten up…all will be as it should be. Circumstances will connect you with powerful people. Some people know how to use their power appropriately and others can be ruthless and abusive. Make sure you know who you are dealing with.

Sagittarius:  11/23 – 12/21:  Your enthusiasm can get you into trouble if you are unaware of the depth of the commitments asked of you.  Your spiritual connections are not always as intense as you think they are but can change with a sentence. Others may come forward to help heal an old hurt or you may play that role for another.  You must allow yourself the time to go with your feelings so you will teach and learn.  Remember that it is easy to go too far.

Aquarius:  1/21 – 2/19:  Your goals have suddenly changed.  Clearly you will be able to move forward, but this clarity can propel you into the future in a way you don’t expect.  And this can be a completely new direction. Allow your plans to include financial plans that accommodate the ups and downs of financial trends.  It is unlikely there will be a financial problem, but it can be a fearful time if you are not prepared.

Pisces:  2/20 – 3/20: You are emotionally connected to the flow of events and cannot really put the brakes on.  The situation may show some uncertainty or even deception by someone you thought was on the same page.  Be open to new information and you may find the new direction is worth fighting for. Those close to you will help.

Dr. Annie Hollis teaches astrology at the Atlantian Mystery School in Atlanta and practices astrology and tarot readings at The Inner Space.  She is also a Master Life Coach and provides the astrology column for Haunted Times. You may reach her for an appointment or a phone reading at 404-252-4540. 

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