Light at the end of the Tunnel

By Katrina the Good

Those whom have had Near Death Experiences often speak of visions of a bright, white light at the end of a tunnel. That they have very real and physical experiences outside of their bodies. As a hospice nurse, patients have expressed to me that they have seen a brilliant, bright light at the end of a tunnel. They are happy that their parents (that have passed before them) are waiting to take them to the other side. Other times some patients become nervous because there are strangers that keep them awake due to them talking all night. Of course myself, and others cannot see or hear what the dying person is experiencing. Medical researchers have tried to explain these phenomena as mass hysteria, hallucinations, and wishful thinking. Although I have never had a near death experience, I’ve always believed that this beautiful white light is a very real and physical doorway to the other side.

Please allow me to explain. My earliest memory that I have held on tightly to my whole life is that of the mysterious white light. I remember the birth of my consciousness. I recall like it was yesterday…I was traveling at an incredibly fast speed. I did not have a physical body but I was aware of my very existence; that I was very much so alive. I was alone traveling through this bright white abyss. There were no sounds and no sensations. I was very much alone. I was not scared though, I was more confused. I knew I was traveling to a place with purpose but I had no awareness of my destination or why I was going there. “Where am I going?” This question was the only thing going through my mind. What happened before this moment of traveling through the white desert is unknown to me. No matter how hard I try, the memory of who or where I was before going through the White Light is not there. I truly believe that the White Light is a doorway between the Physical World and the Spirit World.

“Where am I going?” Was I asking myself that question? Was I asking the Universe? Was I asking God? I do not have an answer to that. I’m sure at the time I knew where I came from before and to whom I was speaking. I did receive my answer shortly after I asked. The beautiful, white light dispersed. It did not just disappear all at once. It seemed to fade away starting directly in front of me. In the distance was little me sitting in the passenger side of a van. As I got closer to my physical body the light faded more and more, until it wasgone completely. As the lhite disappeared completely from sight, I felt myself enter this little physical body of mine. When I entered my body I jumped up from my seat a bit, shocked at the sensation I suddenly felt. I remember thinking, where did the light go? I looked around to get a feel for my surroundings. I looked behind me to see the back area of the van. There was a cot and some clothes on the ground. I looked to my left to see my father driving the van and seemed unaware of what I just experienced. As I collected myself, I made it a point to hold onto that memory of being inside the White Light. I wasn’t sure of what it was but I knew it was important.

As I grew older I realized that I was not the only one to see the white light. Even, though I am not one hundred percent sure of what I was in or what the White Light is I have been able to put together a personal Theory. The White Light is the doorway between the Physical World and the Spirit World. We do not just go to the light when we die but we also come from the Light when we are born.

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