Neanderthal Alien Cave Painting 

By Katrina the Good

Our lost cousins of modern humans, the Neanderthals have an undeserved reputation of being brainless, knuckle dragging brutes; they were driven only by the primal instinct of survival. But now new archaeological discoveries depict these lost people in a much different light. Burial sites uncovered across Europe and Asia show that the Neanderthal dead were buried with purpose, care, and ritualistic intent. Also, skeletal remains show that the sick and injured were cared for, they used medicine, and made jewelry. 

Most Neanderthal artifacts are pretty straightforward: tools, burial sites, and areas where it is obvious that a fire was lit. Understandable and relatable. In 2018 cave paintings in Spain were credited to Neanderthal hands that raised more questions than answers. In my research, I have found that most Neanderthal cave art consists of large hunted game like deer, steer and what appear to be bison. Rarely are humanoids likenesses on display. The 2018 discovery of cave art is dated to be around 40,800

 years old, present beings that appear to be not unlike the pop culture images of Grey Aliens; these beings have massive bulbous heads, large black eyes, no mouth, and small slits for noses. 

In Hunan, China, there is a set of thought provoking paintings that have been credited to be created by Neanderthal hands, displaying what appears to be a dozen heads of Grey aliens. Around these heads are what looks to be a halo of light surrounding them. Other paintings seem to depict oval shaped disks in the sky and even beings that appear to be wearing NASA-esque space suits.

The mysterious cave art of these humanoids are taken as evidence of support to those who argue the Ancient Astronaut Theory. Naturally, mainstream researchers clash with ancient alien theorists as to what these people of old were truly seeing and experiencing. The older the unearthed artifacts are, the more difficult it is to determine the original meaning and intent. Those of the mainstream mind, often point out that us in modern society, project today’s perspectives onto our long lost ancestors. Their world is far different than that of this day and age. What they truly saw and experienced will forever be a mystery. Could it be possible early humanity was honoring beings from the sky that came to observe and assist them? Or was it all in the imagination of primitive beings trying to make sense of the complex world around them?

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