Katrina's Realm

Katrina's Realm

Krampus: The Demon of Christmas

In a time when humanity was young and the terrain of Central Europe was full of danger; a seasonal demon stalked the naughty children on behalf of Saint Nicolas himself.

El Círculo Cubano de Tampa

The small yet lively historical district of Tampa, Florida known as Ybor City is home to the infamous El Círculo Cubano de Tampa (The Cuban Club of Tampa). The haunting’s of The Cuban Club are true and the spirits are not shy. EVPs, full body apparitions, disembodied voices, guests being touched/pushed, and objects moving on their own are reported often and by people whom have never spoken to each other before.

Paranormal Reality TV: A Blessing and a curse

Over the latest decade or so a great number of major cable channels have at least one “paranormal reality” show. More often than not these shows are the highest rated shows on the network. Although each shows’ cast has a different style or technique, they all follow a similar format. It starts out with the team being called out to a location because of the paranormal history or a resident is having an issue paranormal in nature that is affecting their lives.

Residual Hauntings, a Theory

Paranormal research teams and enthusiast understand that in the cases of spiritual hauntings, there are intelligent hauntings and residual hauntings. Obviously intelligent haunting are that of spirits that are aware of the events, people, and changes that are occurring around them and react to their environment. A residual haunting is when an event is replayed over and over again like that of a video tape. One thing that’s not spoken much in the paranormal research world is how these types of hauntings occur.

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Those whom have had Near Death Experiences often speak of visions of a bright, white light at the end of a tunnel. That they have very real and physical experiences outside of their bodies. As a hospice nurse, patients have expressed to me that they have seen a brilliant, bright light at the end of a tunnel. They are happy that their parents (that have passed before them) are waiting to take them to the other side.

The Spirit Realm Network is the Future

February 1st was the official launch of The Spirit Realm Network. The kick off broadcast was Box Talk Chronicles with Dee Garcia, Chris Moon, and Mamma Moon, at the infamous Mason House Inn. This platform took months to come into fruition; the hours of designing, recruiting talent, brainstorming, and investing money The Spirit Realm Network was finally here. Not to mention the passion and dedication to the advancement of paranormal research to dream up such an ambitious concept…