November 2019 Horoscope

Astrology Column for November 2019

Happy Birthday, Scorpio:  10/24 – 11/22: In an effort to relate you may have disclosed too much.  To relieve your discomfort, restate your position, either clarifying or retracting. This may feel like an unusually extreme situation which demands definitive action, causing you to act too soon, before giving all parties time to consider their feelings.  Wait a couple of weeks and you will be provided with additional information. You may not need to do anything after all. 

 Aries:  3/21 – 4/20: Unconventional healing practices captivate your interest, so much so that you are moved to learn and practice these techniques yourself.  Treatments will benefit you and your loved ones as well as any others in your care, like pets, friends and colleagues. This is the type of assistance that you do not need to disclose unless you choose; it is simply an offering, not an imposed intervention. 

Taurus:  4/21 – 5/21:  You are attracted to someone who is not at all your type.  What may be happening is that you have discovered another definition of beauty.  This goes along with your change in values, where you have developed an interest in a subject or person that did not exist before.  Maybe you have also lost interest in something that has previously been of great importance. These shifts are important to recognize and consider because they change your life.  

Gemini:  5/22 – 6/21: You must give permission to another, so they are able to express their innermost desires.  You may find you have misread the situation and must now reevaluate your planned course of action.  Fortunately, you have not voiced your suspicions. Back up and evaluate your position to ensure that you have not embraced an erroneous impression and you can clear your mind of residual negativity.  

Cancer:  6/22 – 7/22: An international situation can trigger a need to take care of someone you barely know.  If you can provide a temporary secure environment within the chaos that surrounds another you will find a door to a permanent shift in your conscious life and a new understanding.  Reach out and provide what feels appropriate.

Leo:  7/23 – 8/22: Your ability to take a leadership role will pitch you into the limelight, perhaps providing an opportunity to declare a public statement or acknowledgement.  Ambitions run high which makes this exactly the right time to make your move. Your next step is a big one and moves you closer to your goal. Deal with those pesky little doubts; they tend to grow.

Virgo:  8/23 – 9/23: The role of teacher has finally come, seemingly by accident.  It is likely that the first opportunity will be teaching your colleagues before you move on to those who are younger or less experienced.  So much is dependent upon linking up with those who think the same way you do. Don’t forget to include them in some of your plans because they may need to support your efforts by filling in. You can’t do everything alone.

Libra:  9/24 – 10/23: Your peacemaking skills will be needed in a conflict that has been brewing for some time although it may surprise some.  You know what is needed to get to the bottom of the situation and ease everyone’s insecurities. Your actions and guidance can heal others, especially in understanding their identity and their role in their world.  That is your greatest strength.

Sagittarius:  11/23 – 12/21: You want everything you see and are about to indulge in a whim that you will have to deal with for quite a while.  Stop and think clearly about your desires versus your goals. The dream is captivating, but the reality is what matters because the dreams keep you dreaming.  To realize joy in your life, you must put your true self into the picture think long-term about the kind of life you want.  

Capricorn:  12/22 – 1/20:  Your neighborhood is changing and will be nearly unrecognizable when the transition is complete.  There are many powerful people and forces at work and the situation is out of your control. If you are feeling unsafe, it is because the changes are going to destroy all the things you loved about your environment.  Unfortunately, it is time to seek a new one. The neighborhood won’t be the way you want it for a long time. 

Aquarius:  1/21 – 2/19: This month you look outside your close relationships for a new definition of a safe place.  You may want to move or redecorate or generally have a new feel in your most private place. See your future and try to create the life you are seeing in your mind.  Leaving behind the old and outdated is not a problem for you because you are always future oriented. Keep your eye on the prize.  

Pisces:  2/20 – 3/20: The arts and all other similar events and activities should be the focus of your most creative pursuits.  Perhaps you will make a movie or write a book about your dreams and aspirations. Whatever you decide to do make sure it is from the heart and represents your authentic voice.  The time to dream it has past, now is the time to release it to the world.

Dr. Annie Hollis teaches astrology at the Atlantian Mystery School in Atlanta and practices astrology and tarot readings at The Inner Space.  She is also a Master Life Coach and provides the astrology column for Haunted Times. You may reach her for an appointment or a phone reading at 770 807-8080.

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