September 2019 Horoscope

Astrology Column for September 2019

Happy Birthday, Virgo:  8/23 – 9/23: Increased activity causes a confused mind and threatens to undermine your efforts.  You can get along with others and persuade them to do some of your tasks while you regain your clarity and focus.  Reconnect with your sincere desires and determine what is lacking to reach your goals. Some of those in your environment are there to teach and some are there to be taught.  This is the perfect balance and you are good at both.

Aries:  3/21 – 4/20:  A challenge or confrontation will cause you to change a fundamental belief or attitude.  This diverts your attention and takes you away from your ordinary routines. The good thing is that it allows information to flow without judgement.  You may not be ready to put this information to use yet, so allow your mind to rest until you adjust to your new realities. You will know when to use your knowledge.

 Taurus:  4/21 – 5/21:  Find enjoyment in unique and different experiences.  The sources of inspiration and the things that you find beautiful are changing and you need to adapt to new definitions.  These new experiences influence the way you process your memories and former experiences. This is a normal part of growth and consciousness so don’t let it throw you.  Process this through the heart and mind of your adult self.

Gemini:  5/22 – 6/21:  You are offered opportunities to communicate your financial and career goals to those who can do something about it.  There will be renewed analyzation and financial strategizing, requiring studies or certifications and degrees necessary to take your next step.  Public speaking is also a requirement to achieve success. The help you get now to clarify your career path will guide you for years to come.

Cancer:  6/22 – 7/22:  Finding friends, kindred spirits and trustworthy companions is a priority before you take you next steps.  Your next move should be carefully considered, especially in choosing female friends. They are especially useful, but you must support them in a creative endeavor before you enlist them into your cause.  You want to observe their level of commitment so your expectations can be realized. There is no substitute for common values.

Leo:  7/23 – 8/22:  The need for isolation or peace and quiet gives you the space to reflect and take a measure of how far you have come over the last year.  Your unconscious motivations are seen clearly in hindsight and obstacles fall away. When you know where you need to go next, all the resources magically appear.   Take your time with this process because the results will have lasting effects.

Libra:  9/24 – 10/23:  Money and people are easily attracted by you now which can make you careless or take things for granted.  Be careful with the spending and evaluate your priorities. Financial negotiations are favorable, and your goals are easily achieved if you don’t get distracted.  One of your most difficult challenges is being too generous but now you are also impulsive so take some time.

Scorpio:  10/24 – 11/22:  There will be new experiences with siblings and neighbors and some emerging conflicts that must be settled through your leadership.  You can educate them in matters that require a new perspective and a different point of view. This can lead to frustration when they are unable to see the benefit of communication but keep trying.   One sentence can change the way a person sees the world and you seem to know what to say.  

Sagittarius:  11/23 – 12/21:  Positive feelings toward your home and family make you crave quiet social events.  Your personal concerns are easily dealt with in private and some planning for an expansion of the comfortable space in your home can involve an adjustment or redecorating.  A few minor adjustments can make a world of difference. Take a long view of every slight discomfort. Then reflect the real you, not the you of the past.

Capricorn:  12/22 – 1/20:   Your ordinary concerns have taken on new level of seriousness.   Focus will provide the answers you are seeking as some of your relationship issues gear up for your attention and wisdom.  Children will be the major concern and require a firm stand and perhaps some old school advice. This area of your life never improves with neglect.  Be present and participate.

Aquarius:  1/21 – 2/19:  A new or different vocation involving innovative technologies will provide new insights, great rewards and financial benefits.  Along with substantial responsibilities comes an impulse to freedom and independence and a need to do things your way. Rebelliousness only delays what you know must be done and makes others resist your efforts.  You may believe you can do it alone, but you cannot. Accept this.

Pisces:  2/20 – 3/20:  Sharing advice with another will feel like a deep soul connection, but it may just be a passing thing.  If taken too seriously, this can cause trouble in other areas of your life, especially with those who misunderstand your motivation.  Your spiritual development requires discernment, so these circumstances are providing the opportunity to fine tune this ability. Learning who to trust is one of the great challenges of life so don’t take it lightly.

Dr. Annie Hollis teaches astrology at the Atlantian Mystery School in Atlanta and practices astrology and tarot readings at The Inner Space.  She is also a Master Life Coach and provides the astrology column for Haunted Times. You may reach her for an appointment or a phone reading at 770 807-8080.

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