Community Guidelines

The Spirit Realm Network believes everyone deserves the opportunity to transform their lives. In the spirit of community, we strive to maintain tolerance, equality and respect. The Internet has opened up a world of opportunity that humanity has never seen before. However, the Internet also gives people the means to insult or harass others without taking full responsibility for their words. We insist that while you’re on, you respect the people you encounter, as well as their opinions. You’re free to disagree, state your own opinion and provide critical feedback, but please keep it respectful. Please respect other member’s beliefs, and consider your impact on others when making your contribution. If you can’t conduct yourself in a respectful manner, we reserve the right to remove [your] comments. In extreme cases, we reserve the right to disable the [your] ability to comment.

We understand that many of our topics are controversial, and we fully support debate. However, we won’t allow misrepresentation of our brand, show hosts, show guests or any Spirit Realm Network -affiliated talent to be published on our site. We reserve the right to determine what constructive argument is and what a smear tactic is.

Our comment sections are dedicated to discussion about the content. If you’re experiencing a technical issue with a video, please contact customer service directly at [email protected]. Technical problems posted in the comment section will be deleted once the problem is addressed. If a hyperlink to an external site is posted, we reserve the right to remove the hyperlink, or remove the comment entirely.