Joe Warner

Originally from Ramsey, New Jersey, Joseph enlisted in the United States Marine Corp after high school and was stationed at Marine Corp Air Station Beaufort working on F-18 fighter jets. Once his enlistment was over, Joseph was selected to become a South Carolina State Trooper. As a State Trooper, Joseph would unknowingly be introduced to the world of the paranormal.

While working a traffic fatality, Joseph took over a 100 photographs of the scene. In one photo, Joseph captured a strange mist not visible in any other photo, which resembled an image of the driver of the vehicle. The image even shared the same facial characteristics, including the glasses that were still on the driver’s face. In the back of the photo you could clearly see a black shadow figure between two trees. 

The next day Joseph returned to the scene to complete his investigation, unknowingly this would become his first frightening encounter with the paranormal. While there Joseph observed a black shadow figure move from the other side of the highway, go through two trees and grow in size. At that time, Joseph left the scene in his patrol car and never looked back. Later, this experience was showcased on the Travel Channel’s show Paranormal 9-1-1 (Season 1, Episode 13).

Since then, Joseph has investigated numerous haunted locations in an effort to find answers to the unknown. Joseph is the founder of The Spirit Realm Networks show “Paranormal Experiences with Joe Warner” located in the Detroit area.