Bellair House Kristen & Daniel

Kristin Lee & Daniel Hough

Kristin Lee is the proprietress and co-owner of the famous Bellaire House located in Bellaire, Ohio, where she works as the founder and afterlife researcher for the Psychic Connection Network and Bella Moon Old World Metaphysics. She is also an astrologer, master level forensic psychologist, past life regression therapist and Strega. Kristin has appeared on the Bio Channel, A&E, Lifetime Television, Travel Channel and Destination America, and advises people on an international level as a psychic/medium, Paranormal Researcher and metaphysician. She is the author of “1699 Belmont Street” and a second book, which will be released later this year.

Daniel is a natural psychic with over twenty years’ experience. He is also the co-owner of the Bellaire House and a former heavy metal drummer He is able to channel and receive spiritual information for others through his spirit guides, Saints, and Archangels. He loves to focus on love and relationships but is also open to what others are thinking about you, your life path, career, and finance. Daniel typically uses no tools, but occasionally may use runes and oracle cards to dive deeper into your situation to help reveal more about your heart pressing questions.

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