Natalie and Karma

Natalie Anderson

Natalie Anderson is an Intuitive Medium/ Animal Communicator, residing in Suffern, NY. Natalie loves to laugh and smile as much as possible as she believes that laughter truly is the best medicine.

When spending time with Natalie you will see how she truly finds spirituality and mediumship an honor and vocation. Her goal is to help those experiencing grief and loss find happiness and laughter again. She also takes tremendous pride in connecting loved ones with their animals both here and passed.

While she believes that anyone can tune into the spirit world she says that through life experiences, loss, tragedy, and miracles she could no longer deny what she was experiencing. At a point in Natalie’s life she was so riddled with grief that she just couldn’t make sense of anything. Over time she realized that she was seeing things, hearing things and just knowing  things. With this she took her first mediumship course. After, her teacher told her she has so much faith in her and her ability she put it out there that now she needed a mentor.  Not only did she find her first mentor (not her last) but she found her extended family. 

With that said, her soul purpose is to give you the gift of knowing there is so more to life than just living.