The Beginning Times of EVPs

By Katrina the Good

The Beginning Times of EVPs 

Throughout history mankind has attempted to communicate with the Spirit World, through meditation, prayer, drugs, and ritual practices. With the invention of digital recorders, spirit boxes, and digital cameras. Theses are just a view pieces of equipment that are able to capture some of the most compelling evidence of the paranormal, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). EVPs are believed to be the voices of spirits that are not able to be heard by human ears. 

These voices are usually heard with in the white noise during play back of the equipment. Paranormal investigators and enthusiasts are very familiar with this phenomena. It can be some of the most exciting and compelling evidence not only in the paranormal world but of life after death.

The first EVP ever recorded was somewhat caught by accident. In 1901 an American ethnologist Waldemar Bogoras travel to Siberia to visit a Shaman of the Tchouktches tribe. During his visit with the Shaman he was able to witness at “conjuring ritual” of spirits being performed by the Shaman. According to Bogoras the Shaman was in a dark room banging on drums faster and faster causing the Shaman to go into a trance like state. Bogoras reported that he began to hear voices coming from all four corners of the empty room. Excited and taken a back Bogoras set up his phonograph because he wanted to record the ritual. He reported that the spirits did then speak into the horn of the phonograph in English and Russian at the request of the Shaman. 

One of the more famous believers in psychic research was Mr. Thomas Edison. This brilliant inventor of the moving picture camera and the phonograph believed that his inventions would be able to capture the spirit and allow living humans to communicate with the spirit world. Before he passed away, he and his assistant Dr. Miller Hutchinson were attempting to create a machine specifically to capture and communicate with the Spirit World. Unfortunately, Edison died before he was able to fully study his invention. However, modern investigators have picked up where he left off with great success. I do hope that he would be proud of the strides that technology has made to assist modern investigators in collecting evidence of the Spirit World.

There is perhaps a lesser known scholar that made it his mission to capture the voices of the dead, Attila Von Szalay. Attila’s work first began as an attempt to photograph a spirit, as he was a photographer by trade. Then in 1941 he began using a 78 RPM recorder, but did not have any noted success from this method. That changed in 1956, when he began using a reel to reel tape recorder and it was at this time when von Szalay believed he was getting results. 

A few noted captures of disembodied voices that Von Szalay and his partner Raymond Bayless were “This is G.”, “Hot dog, Art.”, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.” These findings were published in The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research in 1959. Also, it was published in the book: Phone Calls from the Dead that was co-authored with Raymond Bayless in 1979. 

With ever expanding technology and dedication from paranormal researchers, it is all but certain that the reality of the Spirit World will be recognized by the mainstream science community. If and when that day comes it could ever expand humanity’s understanding of our universe and our place in it.

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