Reverend Shawn Whittington's Paranormal Ministry


Reverend Shawn is a man of God and paranormal researcher with a strong background in Demonic possessions. He has made his life’s purpose to serve God as an ordained Reverend and to help people be rid of bullies of the demonic type. He is alive today because of a promise his mother made to God. With that, he strives to develop a strong paranormal community, one that is supportive of each other in the pursuit of paranormal help and knowledge.

Reverend Shawn or “The Rev” as we like to call him, likes to do his show live from his office; the most haunted location in his home. He encourages anyone and everyone to reach out to him with questions or assist with any para issue. Join Reverend Shawn’s paranormal congregation as he ministers to his following every Sunday evening 8 PM ET.